What Those Resident Evil Herbs Really Do

When done well, parody videos are great. They feel like an inside joke we can all nod our heads along with and be all, "Yeah, that is a pretty ridiculous thing we did in that video game that one time."

In the spirit of...today, Mega Land Games makes a spoof video of Resident Evil involving the well-known healing herbs. What exactly are these mysterious herbs, though? Well, this is one interpretation, and the results are funny jabs at both the tropes of the franchise as well as the, erm, herb itself.

Thanks for the tip, GuS_53!


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Brand Silven

I always figured the herbs had some natural agent that counteracted the t-virus, but no one in the game world ever really caught on to it. That's why none of the protagonists never turned into zombies, despite being bitten by infected victims.