What the Fuck is Bobby Kotick Doing in This Brad Pitt Movie?

This is a trailer for an upcoming Brad Pitt movie called Moneyball. It's about baseball. And at 0:58, you can see that the owner of the Oakland A's baseball team is being played by none other than Activision boss Bobby Kotick.


Remember, this is a movie about baseball. Not video games.

And while it could be fake, that looks pretty real to me. Also sounds just like him. And those aren't lines you could pull from an Activision earnings call.

This is so strange I don't know where to begin.

We've contacted Activision for information.

[thanks Matthew M!]



I knew it! Bobby Kotick has been an actor all along!

Just think about it. It makes a lot more sense that he was hired to play a villainous spokesperson for Activision, similar to Sony's fake executive Kevin Butler, than that Activision's big boss could be as douchey and evil as the company appears to be.