What the Discerning Diablo III Fan is Wearing at BlizzCon 2011

Every year geek clothing companyJinx uses BlizzCon as an excuse to roll out their latest and greatest Blizzard-inspired fashions. This year's Demon Hunter coat and Tyrael hoodie make me want to be a better, thinner man.

Over the years Jinx has grown from a company that made licensed t-shirts to a company that designs and manufactures their own clothing line, creating unique and striking pieces that completely kick the ass of any other gamer clothing.


Take the Demon Hunter coat, a garment perfect for hiding a crossbow, you know, just in case. It's a hip-length affair with a striking cut, custom buttons, and a cross design on the back to keep demons at bay. It's the type of garment you pick up even though the triple extra-large makes you look like a stuffed sausage, in the hopes that you'll actually lose weight once you get home and stop eating convention food. Just throwing out a hypothetical there, of course.

The Tyrael hoodie features a nifty two-tone design, a wing design that starts on the front and continues onto the back, and an incredibly sexy raised collar that would completely hide the additional chin that's caused by the issue I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The two pieces made their debut at BlizzCon this weekend, with the Demon Hunter running $75 and the Tyrael $60 — prices that will rise once they hit the Jinx website after the show.


There's also a lovely pair of Diablo stockings for sale, but they snag on my leg hair. No, you can't have pictures.

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