What Star Wars: The Force Awakens Looks Like Without Visual Effects

Let’s take a closer look at the CGI and special effects in The Force Awakens, shall we?

Oscars has a great breakdown of the VFX before/after featured in the latest Star Wars, and it’s definitely worth a watch. Amazing to see how much of this stuff is recorded ‘in real life’ versus what is constructed digitally! Not to mention the fantastic practical effects. Also - spoiler warning!

Some GIFs, for your viewing pleasure:


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My wife and I are working our way through 6-disc, 28-hour making of series for the Hobbit trilogy right now, and it is just as, if not more, mind-blowing than the making of documentary for Lord of the Rings. The work that goes into both practical and CGI effects (or both combined as you see in this video) is absolutely incredible. Whether or not you even enjoy these movies, you have to respect the work that goes into creating these worlds!