What Series Will Sony Re-Release On Blu-Ray Next?

On the one hand, Sony's decision to re-release God of War 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray seems selfish. A chance to force many people to re-purchase a game they already own. But on the other, it sets an interesting precedent.

After all, it's not like the set is being released out of the blue. There's a new God of War game coming, and what better way to drum up (or dredge up) interest than to get people playing, and talking about, the first two games again?


So it got us thinking: since this is as much a marketing move as it is a service to fans, what other upcoming PS3 games are there to market that have PS2 prequels you can repackage on Blu-Ray?

These (for GT5, FFXIII and The Last Guardian) are the obvious ones. But moving beyond the marketing side of things, are there any other series you'd like to see thrown together on a single disc, cleaned up to 720p and given a second chance on the shelf?


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