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We all (probably) play a ton of video games and watch a ton of anime. Sometimes we get invested in the stories and the characters, and sometimes their fiction is relatable. Making a connection to these media can translate to real-life changes. Commenter bakura wants to know how they've impacted you on today's Speak Up.


Is there a video games or an anime or another form of activity that you do that changed your life ?

For me :

The Anime Nodame Cantabile make me realise how great Classic Music is!
Same as the game series The Blackwell Legacy for the Jazz
or Bioshock for the 30s-50s music.
The game Phoenix Wright had a character Gomshoe, you is laughing while moving his soulder and im going just like that.
The Drama Attention Please make me forgot my fear of plane, and I watched it (coincidence) just before flying to France.
The Anime Gurren Lagann teach me to be proud of my name and to have faith in myself. (also the hero name is Simon and mine too, and we are physicaly and mentaly similar so I kinda get a special link with him)


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