What Phone Do You Play Games On?

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Are you an iPhone gamer? Android fan? Windows Phone addict? Xperia loyalist? While the mobile phone gaming industry has settled into a set of easily manageable platforms over the past few years, there's still plenty of choice. Which have you chosen?


I am currently in possession of four different smart phones dedicated to gaming, covering Android, Windows Phone and iOS. My desk looks like the kitchen table of a corrupt TSA screener. Here's what I'm currently using.

Apple iPhone 4

Wait, you don't have an iPhone 5, Fahey? I do not. The folks at AT&T who convinced me I had an upgrade coming if I made some changes to my account, but it turns out those changes only managed to rob me of the grandfathered unlimited data plan I had been enjoying for several years without making me eligible for an upgrade. I can upgrade iPhone 5 in December, but I don't think I'm going to. I'll keep the iPhone 4 as a glorified iPod Touch for gaming purposes, but I've got my sights set on something a bit more Android-y.

Nokia Lumia 900

The most visually striking phone of the bunch, the Nokia Lumia 900's raised screen and sleek design turns a lot of heads. It's my Windows Phone 7 device, my gateway to Xbox Live-enabled mobile gaming. With Windows Phone 8 handsets around the corner this little beauty might not have a long life to live, but right now it's my constant companion, thanks in no small part to Crimson Dragon: Side Story.

Sony Xperia Ion

A loaner procured just in time for the launch of PlayStation Mobile, the Xperia Ion evokes the PlayStation 3 with its unique curved back and sexy 1080p display. It's the phone I'd most likely hook up to my television to act as a multimedia gateway to my networked entertainment.


Samsung Galaxy SIII

Come December this phone shall be mine. I previously used a Galaxy SII, which I enjoyed but was a bit too flimsy for my taste. I was sent a loaner SIII this week to use while testing out a new mobile gaming peripheral (more on that later) and I instantly fell in love. That gorgeous 4.8 HD super AMOLED display, the smooth and silky Android interface, the gently rounded back and solid construction—it's got everything I want, and it comes in red.


So I've shown you mine, now you show me yours. What phones are you playing games on? Which would you recommend? Which tastes better? Share with the class.



Sony Xperia Play here. It's getting a little dated and I've been up for a free update for awhile, but I'm still hoping for an Xperia Play 2. I don't want to give up my buttons!