What People Google About Sex, According To The Numbers

People type their deepest, darkest secrets and fears into Google, all in search for answers. Sex, while a taboo subject, is no different.

The New York Times took a look at the data behind Google searches, and what they've found is mighty interesting.

What do people pair the most with the word "marriage," for example? Sexless marriage, which average 21,090 searches a month. Curiously, according to the numbers, more people search "my boyfriend won't have sex with me" on Google than they do "my girlfriend won't have sex with me." It's the complete opposite when it involves married folks, however—more people search "my wife won't have sex with me" than they do "my husband won't have sex with me."

Where it gets really interesting is when you look at what people lie about. According to the General Social Survey, men say they have sex about 63 times a year, and they allegedly only use condoms in 23% of those acts. Women say they have sex a little less: 55 times a year, with condoms being used in 16% of those acts. That's what people say, but not actually what they do. According to actual condom sales, only about 600 million condoms are used a year. Compare that to the alleged 1.6 and 1.1 billion condoms that men and women say they use a year, respectively. Hmm!

And finally, people sure do love to Google search their questions about dicks. Penis-related questions are Googled 10 times as much as other body parts. Within that, the top questions about "my penis" are all related to size, because of course they are.

Here are the average monthly searches about dicks (more specifically, "my penis"), in graph form:


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