A browser-based game from a group of students from the Utrecht School of Arts & Technology in the Netherlands starring an adorable raccoon trying to reach the moon sounds like a lovely idea. Just might not want to call it Starcoon.

Starcoon is a game that brings the "as high as you can get" games to a new level. This arcade space adventure with catchy audio and colorful cartoon graphics. You control Curio the raccoon in a dynamic and constantly changing environment with the goal to catch as many stars as you can. Along the way you can pick up several power boosts to enhance the awesome feeling of a space raccoon, defying nature's laws to get to his beloved goal, “The Moon”. But watch out for those pesky meteorites!


Cultural differences — we have them.

The official website lists a May 1 release for Starcoon, plenty of time to consult a dictionary.


Update: The devs contacted me to let me know they were adjusting the name to avoid any potential misunderstanding.

"The game is supposed to be about happiness and craziness and we deeply regret the misunderstanding. Curio is very sorry for the confusion as his only wish is to get to the moon."

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