What New Games Excite Dude Huge

There are tons of big games coming out. (There always are!) Gears of War 2 designer Dude "Cliff Bleszinski" Huge gives a laundry list of what's on totally awesome radar:

Fable II looks cool. And Resident Evil 5 is next year, right? I'm dying for that, I loved RE4. Street Fighter IV looks sick, and Dead Space also looks solid. I'm a fan of horror games — I loved Event Horizon and all of those movies, so they're making Dead Space for guys like me. That's my genre, and it looks great. I think Mirror's Edge will be great, too, but they're showing me too much parkour, I want to see the gunplay. I hope it's not all just running and jumping. As long as there's something chasing me...even Mario had Goombas, you know?


Oh yes, we know. So! What about you, what's got your interest? Cliff Bleszinski dishes on Gears and games [GamePro]

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