Earlier this week, Yahoo Japan (via Otaku.com) posted a poll that revealed how Japanese females thought they could pick out unpopular guys. The take away? Apparently, if you are wearing pretty much anything, you're so not cool.

Over three hundred females participated in the poll, which was on fashion that screams lame-o. Fifty-five percent admitted seeing a guy wearing something and immediately thinking he wasn't popular because of it.

"Geeky style" clothes were telltale signs and up there with dirty and ill-fitting clothing in the undesirable department. Anime shirts, backpacks, plaid shirts with jeans or even plaid shirts with backpacks were among the nerdy clues that apparently gave away a guy's lack of popularity.

Other styles that didn't get high marks included hip-hop threads, certain Japanese traditional designs, "childish clothing", old man clothing, sweats, or tucked-in shirts outside of business hours.

If you are interested in women, guess that leaves wearing whatever is in the latest fashion magazine the day it hits newsstands. That, or searching for the 45 percent who apparently have never judged people on their fashion!


モテない男のファッションとは -「シャツをイン」「腰にチェーン」「B系」[Yahoo Japan via Otaku.com]

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