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In today's edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Arok_Lazarus wonders what music transports us back to the games we used to play.


So I've been listening to a lot of Queen lately again. It has also been bringing up lots of gaming memories for me.

Back when Star Wars: Battlefront II came out my best friend and I would play it for hours on end almost all the time. While playing the game we were on a big Queen kick at the time and would listen to a lot of their songs while playing Battlefront. Now whenever I listen to Queen I always, always, always remember the hours of fun I had playing Battlefront. In fact some songs from other bands always spark memories of KoTOR in the final area from when I first beat the game. Wild Horses is one of those songs.


Anyone willing to share any songs that are totally unrelated to games, that make them think of a specific and equally unrelated game?

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