What Metroid: The Animated Series Would Look Like

Would you watch an animated series based on Metroid? I sure would.

We've featured the work of the super talented artist Dave Rapoza in the past, and now he's taking a shot at animation. This re-imagining of Super Metroid may not be long, but it's pretty darn cool. When's the next Metroid game coming out, again?


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Ellie Ryan

I'm not entirely sure Metroid would make a good show or series. A movie? Yes. A game? Of course! But much of the experience of Metroid is centered around isolation. A lone hunter and explorer plumbing the depths of cavernous rooms, fighting monsters and bosses.

If a show were to take on that kind of setting, there'd be no dialog most of the time (and we know how giving Samus an inner monologue worked in Other M). A movie could get away with that, but a series? I dunno. If they could pull it off, that'd be awesome, but I feel like in order to turn it into a TV show, you'd have to see a lot of interaction with a lot more people just so there can be someone to talk to, and it'd lose a lot of the feeling the games had.