This week's Ask Kotaku is special because it features guest host Evan Narcisse, who also happens to be celebrating his birthday today! Wooo! Happy birthday, Evan!


In this week's advice column, Evan and I answer some of your questions on family life, heartbreak and Kotaku. It's a long one—since we both offer our perspectives on each question—but I've broken the video down for you by each segment as per usual.

00:26 The process of reviewing a video game

03:29 How we feel about the reviewing process, and what would make it easier

08:35 How Evan and I are feeling. Like, emotionally.

09:10 How to deal with heartbreak

12:08 Finding a way to bond with family members you have nothing in common with

16:57 Is Kotaku our respective dream jobs and do we miss the old Kotaku?

Evan and I hope that our answers shed some light on life and Kotaku life, and don't forget to email me questions for next week's column.


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