What It Feels Like To Play Against Protoss Players In StarCraft II

Channelman manman's video won't blow away the preconception that Protoss, in the current state of StarCraft II, is overpowered. In his comparisons, he first shows Protoss units attacking as they usually do, and then with their abilities modded and humorously exaggerated.


Number one is pretty much my favorite, with all those Stalkers and their "Blink ability" set to a really short cooldown. But those of us who played competitive StarCraft experienced most of these. The zergling runby (this one's an exception by not comparing Protoss units), the Zealots' deadly charge and that damned Tempest and its range at the end.

How it looks vs. How it feels [YouTube]

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Ah so wish I could micro like that in SC2 I tried to play competitively and lost so many matches in a row that this video represents what it felt like. I would think I was doing fine only to get torn apart time after time after time until I just gave up on it.