What Is This, A Chain Gang?

To: Stephen
From: Luke

So, you guys live in an apartment, yes? This past weekend, I wish I lived in an apartment.


Having recently moved into a brand new house, I've been spending the last few weekends building a garden. I thought it would be easy! Just dig some holes, throw some dirt around, and hey presto, green grass and fresh tomatoes.


My whole body aches having swung a pick-axe and shovel for 10 hours. And I'm not even halfway there. Funny part? All I could think of all day was: If this is what it was like working a chain gang - where you had to that kind of thing every day - those dudes were tough.


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How big is the garden? And how hard was the soil for you to take a pick axe to it?

Good thing the soil is pretty good in my home country. All you need is a hoe and good arms to aerate a small plot.