What is the Worst Video Game Purchase You've Ever Made?

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Sometimes we try to give our Speak Up on Kotaku articles headlines that clarify the content. Sometimes, as is the case with today's question from commenter Balmung, the headlines are provided us. Now answer the man.


What is the worst video game purchase you have ever made? I'm sure that every now and then, every one of us has bought or been given a game that we thought we wanted but was absolutely horrid.

That game for me is most definitely Shadow the Hedgehog. I can't say why I ever wanted it, but I asked for that game for Christmas one year and got it. What is even more weird is that I also got the wonderful Shadow of the Colossus. Those games couldn't be farther apart in the spectrum of good and bad if they tried.

I remember playing it for the first two levels, realizing how absolutely terrible that game was in pretty much every way, and never touching it again. Shadow the Hedgehog will always remain a black and red smudge on an otherwise relatively clean video game purchase history.

So what video game purchase have you made in the past that was completely terrible? Don't be shy, we have all had those days!

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I purchased two copies of Red Dead Redemption (and gave one as a gift so I could play co-op with a friend) and Alan Wake on the same day. Single worst purchase of my entire game career. We both ended up hating RDR, and I couldn't even make it to the end of Alan Wake. $180 down the drain.