A reader who was tired of my stories about L.A. Noire recently wondered why I hadn't written about Universe Sandbox. What's that? A simulation of the universe I can run on a Windows computer? And here I am at work on a Mac?

At least I can watch the trailer of this marvelous-looking creation. You can get it on Steam for $10. Your enticement might be the trailer above... or these promotional blurbs below, which all are listed as Universe Sandbox features on the game's official website.


*Explore our solar system
*Blow up moons
*Line up the planets with a single click
*Play pool in zero gravity
*Rip Saturn's rings apart in 3D
*Destroy our solar system with a single rogue star
*View the paths of hundreds of asteroids & moons
*Compare the moons & dwarf planets
*View our constellations from other stars
*Make a football orbit a bowling ball
*Explore nearby galaxy clusters

Before today, I didn't know I'd ever want to do these things, nor had I imagined that I could pretend they were possible.

Oh! Here's a Universe Sandbox bombarding our planet with the planet(s) Mercury. Keep that kind of behavior in video games, people.

Universe Sandbox