What If Games Had A Super-Easy Mode?

Are video games too hard for you? College Humor imagines a world where all games have a super-easy mode, just for you. Check out the super-easy versions of The Legend of Zelda, Wii Fit, Battletoads, Sonic, and more.

I suppose this works both ways. If you ever find yourself complaining that today's games are far too easy, just take a look at this video and know that it could always be worse.

Having said that, I fully support any game that lets me win by eating a burrito.

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9-year old with Leukemia at the end was just tasteless.

Come on CollegeHumour. you can do better than having to resort to cheap lulz like that. I didn't even laugh at that one. And I consider myself as having a warped sense of humour.