Just this silly little mouse pad. That's all nothing else. Well...

See, I needed a mouse pad because the hotel I am staying at has glass-topped desks, so my laser mouse wasn't tracking. Thankfully one of the first booths I came across in the dealer's room sold mouse pads for $15. The guy there seemed honestly surprised at my excitement.

So yeah, just the mouse pad. And the print that came with the mouse pad.

The mouse pad cost $15, I handed the guy a $20, and he told me for the extra $5 I could pick a print. In honor of Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo's favorite franchise, I picked this one.


Well dammit, now I had a print sleeve, with only one print in it. Obviously I needed more prints.

First, Tony Fleecs' amazing 2013 Botcon exclusive comic book cover, featuring Optimus Prime in Pinkie Pie, signed by the artist himself.

And then I found this down another aisle, from an artist whose name I probably should have made note of before handing him $20. (Update: the artist is none other than Dreatos of deviantart!)

And since I was in a print buying mood, I couldn't say no to Katie Cook's pony cosplay adventure, signed by the artist. Everything she draws is so happy.

Again, no idea who the artist is, but how could I possibly resist this? LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE POKEMON. She has a lot more at her booth. I shouldn't go back today.


So that's about it. Just those prints, and the mouse pad and — oh, I brought one too few t-shirts with me. Well then, over to WeLoveFine, one of several dealers attending the convention under a shall business name in order to keep a degree of separation between the convention and Hasbro.

Completely video game related. I have no regrets.

While I was there, I picked up some Rainbow Dash leggings for my wife, who deserves so much more and is very pretty and will one day read my posts.

And since I was waiting in line so long — they couldn't really see me on the scooter — I talked myself into picking up a flocked vinyl DJ Pon-3.

Oh, and they had the Future Twilight vinyl with the cropped hair, bodysuit and eye patch.

Phew, all done!

Almost all done!

I was kind of excited, going into the dealer's room, at the prospect of picking up a custom hand-made plushie. These lovely creations were all over the marketplace, proud new owner exiting the room as if they were just crowned King or Queen of the Amazing People. I wanted to be that.

Then I realized even the smallest ones run for $50-$100. There was a bigger one for $1,500.

I bought a licensed Rainbow Dash for $20. She spent the day riding on my GoPro.

*looks through bag* I think we're... oh, nope.

I picked up a double starter set for Enterplay's collectible card game as well. There's a sealed deck tournament for beginners I hope to get in on today. Enterplay is another company selling under a different name,to ensure Hasbro can't be connected to the show.


And we're done, just in time as well. If I'd continued shopping, I would have started by completely stupid things, like this hat.

Yeah, I don't know what the hell I was thinking there.