Big time movie studios have been going game crazy of late. For better or worse, game titles are making the leap to big screen.

Japanese online polling site Secret Survey has quizzed 5,000 users about which video game title they'd like to see turned into a major motion picture.

Drumroll please, because...

Here's the top ten:

10. Grand Theft Auto
9. The Portopia Serial Murder Case
8. Ace Attorney
7. MOTHER ("Earthbound")
6. The Legend of Zelda
5. Spelunker
4. Tetris
3. Metal Gear
2. Takeshi's Challenge
1. Dragon Quest


We'd say this is a list of games Hollywood should not make into movies, but hey, that's just us! Though, a Tetris movie does sound promising. Very. Ditto for Takeshi's Challenge. Spelunker, too. We take back what we said — save for the other games that Hollywood could really screw up. Bad.

ハリウッド映画化してほしいゲームは? 大規模アンケートの結果はいかに! [Excite News]