What Have You Been Watching?

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Tonight's open thread has a theme. It's a recurring theme, the kind of thing we do on Tuesdays. I ask "What have you been watching?" Here, I'll start.


This weekend, I went on something of an '80s tear, watching The Terminator, Back to the Future and numerous episodes of Cheers. Most were streamed through Netflix, most were half-watched as I worked on other things on my iMac. Then I got caught up in Wikipedia, Rottentomatoes and IMDB, fully wasting much of my off-time. Gotta make sure that doesn't happen again this weekend...

Anyway! So, what are you watching? If you're not a fan of movies, television, plays or drying paint, here are some other things to talk about.


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Way too much crap for my own good. Been playing catch up on old stuff the last couple of weeks.



How To Train Your Dragon

The Warriors Way


Young Justice

Justice League seasons 1-5

Batman Beyond seasons 1-3

Young Justice is way better then I thought it would be. Hopefully they don't pull a Batman Beyond and cancel it before ending the series in any significant way.