What Have You Been Watching?

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Tonight's open thread falls on a Tuesday. And Tuesdays now carry revolving themes. In tonight's off topic discussion, let's talk about what we've been watching, whether on TV, at the local cineplex, happening outside our windows or on stage at your local playhouse.


I've been subjecting myself to things great and terrible, from Steven Soderbergh's hilarious The Informant! to depressing rom-com thing Up In The Air to season two of Jersey Shore. Don't judge me! I've also been enjoying putting tiny windows in the bottom right corner of the screen while I work, with movies I've already seen (The Lord of the Rings, Pod People) playing as background entertainment.

What about you? Got some good streaming video we should watch? Movie recommendations? Doing a one-man performance of Brigadoon soon?


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I just watch whatever is on Netflix. Don't really have time for actual TV watching and i stopped downloading shit because i feel i'd be wasting money on netflix.

But i saw Rango this past weekend which i loved. Also finishing up the last season of Avatar which is also great. There needs to be more shows like this. Great story telling, but not dumbed down just because it's on nickelodeon.

Also nickelodeon needs to step their game up. Obviously i'v stated i don't watch tv so i don't know for sure, but it seems like all they have (or had) was spongebob and avatar. Where as CN has a plethora of great programming. Adventure Time, Flap jack, Clone Wars, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Symbionic Titan etc etc.

Also, as a final note, anyone know any good anime? I used to be all into anime and watch it all the time but have lately fallen out. Again, i just watch whats on netflix but i'v tried watching Darker than Black and i got 9-12 episodes deep and that didn't really do it for me. And i tried Moribito but that was just soooooo slow. I just don't know if iv "grown up" in a sense and the kind of random/mindless bullshit just doesn't cut it anymore. Or if it's just lately iv just been trying to get invested into something more story driven. So if any of you can recomend something on instant thats good/compelling story wise would be great. I'v been thinking of D Gray man or Soul Eater? I just want something like Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo/Fullmetal Alchemist. Or Bleach/Naruto