What Happens When You Try To Kill People In Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman isn’t supposed to kill people. But that doesn’t stop players from trying it anyway—and the results are pretty silly.

Last year, developers Rocksteady claimed that Batman’s no-kill policy was “non-negotiable, whether he’s driving or not.” But in the following video, Eurogamer finds that things are a little more ambiguous than intended:

Here, for example: an NPC is suffering the entire weight of what might as well be a tank:


As the game explains it, you have merely tased his person into submission. But, uh, they really do look dead. Or should be dead. Eurogamer repeatedly crushes the body in the video, even.

You’re telling me that these people, who are being run over at high speeds, are all alive? Well god damn.

Other times, the game is less ambiguous. But the way in which it disables you from harming the NPCs is still hilarious:


That rocket pretty much went NOPE.

Arkham Knight seems to straight up glitch out sometimes when you try to force Batman into murdering people, too. Give the video a watch if you want to see that in action—it’s funny as hell.

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