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What Happens When Sony Doesn't Renew Some Domain Names

When you don't pay for your domain names, you lose your website. It doesn't matter if you're a mommy blogger or Sony Online Entertainment.


Because the company's payment notices had been "sent to [the] wrong email" over a number of weeks, early on July 15 the websites - and even forums - of Sony Online Entertainment (and games like Everquest 2) went down for a few hours, users directed to parking pages full of ads. Meaning players couldn't really do much of anything.

The solution, when tracked down, was relatively simple. Pay the guy. Well, guys. The sites are now back up and running, and a lesson has been learned: always pay the guy.

Advertisement Domain Expires, Shenanigans Ensue for all SOE Games, Forums, Websites [EQwire, via slashdot]

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DAMN. What a missed opportunity for some good-ole-wholesome cybersquatting.