Hi there, Kotaku! Another crazy day has left me without a list of fun and random links for the open thread. So, taking the cue from another reader who's written in, we'll do another optional theme for tonight's OT.

Scott asks, "What memorable video game moments would you live out first-hand, if you could?" I like that idea. He mentions the Assassin's Creed leaps of faith, which would certainly be a lot of fun. But I put it to you: What memorable video game moments would you like to actually live out?

(And okay, yes, okay, let's just skip the jokes about doing it with Liara/Alistair/Morrigan/etc. Or actually what the hell, go for it.)

And since it's an open thread, you can of course talk about anything else you'd like, as well.


Have good chatting, see you on the morrow.