Every year, once the Christmas dust settles, I pose to our dear readers the same question: What glorious gaming gear did you give and/or receive this holiday season? I’ll start. Behold my beautiful limited edition translucent pink Hello Kitty Dreamcast.

I own a perfectly functional plain white Dreamcast, but the special Hello Kitty edition of the console has been my dream Dreamcast for years now. It’s that beautiful, muted shade of translucent pink that only seems to be found in Japan. Not only does the set come with a pink console and controller, it also shipped with a pink Dreamcast VMU and a freaking keyboard (both of which are on the way; my lovely parents got their eBay auctions mixed up).


The console is old and has some yellowing, but I can fix that eventually. What matters is my dream has come true, and I can die happy now. I won’t, something about kids and a wife and all that, but I could.

Otherwise, not a whole lot of gaming gifting went on at the Fahey household this year. I picked up a copy of Kirby Star Allies based on Totilo’s recommendation, which Seamus seems to love, much more than the Job Simulator I got him for the PlayStation VR, which he only wanted because he saw Annoying Orange playing it.


Now it’s your turn. What did you give and get this holiday season? Games? Consoles? Controllers? Snacks? Share!

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