What Games On Your Backlog Do You Want To Finish This New Year?

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Every December, I wonder where the year went. Every week before January 1st, I wonder what games from my backlog I will finally get to in the New Year.


There’s so many games I need to tackle, going all the way back to the PS2. Suikoden V, Rogue Galaxy, and Valkyrie Profile call out to me from the shelves. My Nintendo section has gone neglected; I have to get to Pikmin 3, Skyward Sword, Mad World, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and the first No More Heroes before the third one comes out. My Microsoft collection goes back a full generation as I still have to play games like Eternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscovery, Deadly Premonition, and of course, Lost Odyssey. I’ve tried to keep on top of this generation, but I’m badly behind on Witcher 3, even though I’m about a fifth of the way through the game and really enjoying it.

I do hope to catch up on some of my portable gaming library. Radiant Historia, Dragon III Code VFO, Trace Memory, and A Link Between Worlds are on my must-play list. Of course, having purchased HD versions of classics, there are a lot of retro games I want to make time for. But will that mean I have to put off some of the new titles coming out this year?


I realize having too many games to play is a good problem to have, and I’m grateful to all the incredible developers and artists who’ve created all these amazing worlds to visit.

So Kotaku, the question today is, what games on your backlog do you most hope to finish in the New Year?

Peter Tieryas is the author of Mecha Samurai Empire & Cyber Shogun Revolution (Penguin RH). He's written for Kotaku, IGN, & Verge. He was an artist at Sony Pictures & Technical Writer for LucasArts.

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This is where I let people know how bad I am at finishing video games. My list is 1) Pillars of Eternity, 2) Pokemon Omega Ruby, 3) Fire Emblem Fates, 4) Shin Megami 4, 5) Fallout 4, 6) Transistor, Xcom 2, Far Cry.... 3...., 7) Dishonored, 8) Xenoblades... the Wii Version, 9) Dragon’s Dogma, 10) The Witcher.

I’m bad at finishing stuff and put myself on an embargo on buying new non-party games for myself until I clear it up a bit. I’ll never catch up.