By "shooters", I'm not talking about third-person or first-person shooters. I'm talking shooting games. You know, bullet hell.

Late last month, Osaka-based developer SNK Playmore, best known for The King of Fighters series, released a vertical KOF shooting game called KOF Sky Stage. The title features fighting characters like Kyo and Mai Shiranui in a total new game mechanic.

This game, however odd it seems, is an interesting move on SNK's part. Shooting games offer a totally new take on an established title. Don't believe me?


Imagine that SEGA's Bayonetta was turned into a shooting game — there has been no confirmation whatsoever that this could happen, but humor us, and imagine.

Anyone who has played Bayonetta is familiar with the character designs, the 3D world, the works. But what if it was a top down shooter? Then it could very well look like this artist's rendition of the title.


So many other franchises seem ripe for bullet hell shooters. But there has to be more. Many more.