What Games Can Be Played When One's Thumb Goes Astray?

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Commenter BrawlKarter subjected his left thumb to the real-world sport of basketball, resulting in a strain that leaves him effectively thumbless for weeks. What games can he play without his favorite digit?


I need some help fellow Kotaku community members. Sprained my left thumb playing basketball yesterday while saving a loose ball and am in a splint for the next two to four weeks.

As a gamer, this puts me in a pretty messed up situation as the vast majority of games require the use of your left thumb for movement.

So I am asking you the awesome members of this community to help me find games that can be played using the right analog stick on controllers.

I currently have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii (thinking of getting a Wii Zapper) and 3DS as well as several old-school systems (I have a steering wheel for Dreamcast, time for some Daytona USA!).

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Ejia Kinja Lost

My thumb has been out of commission for the past seven weeks, and I found myself more PC bound than before. So, I basically took advantage of my Steam list. Someone recommended Machinarium, and I had it sitting there purchased during one sale or another, and it was great.

Yes, that is cake. So the cake is truth! It does not lie!

Other than that, my DS also served me well. I still can't beat myself at Jumpin' Jack Flash on EBA though.