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We may earn a commission from links on this page

What Else Would You Like Us To Cover?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We cover video games here at Kotaku, but, in case you hadn't noticed, we cover some other stuff, too—and we certainly don't cover every video game. We'd like to hear from you. What games and non-games stuff would you like to see more coverage of on this site?

Currently, we aim to cover gaming from and for a gamer's perspective, offering a mix of original reporting, first-person essays and analysis about games and the lives of gamers.


While we've dabbled with covering social games, we've focused primarily on console and PC games, with, over the last couple of years, an increasing amount of attention on mobile games, too. We give special attention to a few genres with a dedicated weekly column on JRPGs, one on multiplayer gaming and one on sports games. I would say we're stronger at covering shooters than we are at fighting games, though both genres are important.

We're trying to get better at covering free-to-play. We're decent at MMOs, strong with Nintendo stuff, pretty good with Sony and Microsoft coverage, too. We cover a lot of indie games, but there always feels like we're just scratching the surface there. We preview and review games released in North America, and we preview games that are released only in Japan.


Our stories are primarily written, but we've tried to add more and more video to the mix. You seem to like it.

I could go on, but I'd rather hear from you. In terms of gaming coverage, what would you like to see more of?


In terms of things outside of the core of video games, what would you like to see there? We regularly cover comics, occasionally cover TV shows that we like (and assume you do, too—Game of Thrones, for example), and dabble with writing about movies. We also cover Asian pop culture, focusing on Japan and China. We like to show off cool cosplay and even some toys.


We have a monthly board game column, but we don't, say, cover poker. I was recently told by a regular reader that we should cover MMA. Should we? It seems weird to me, but, hey, we review snack foods and I think that fits.


Kotaku is a site for gamers, but can't be for every single gamer. And we're never going to be "just" about video games. We aim to be interesting, informative, entertaining—smart, surprising and challenging, too.

So what should we cover more of? Let your voice be heard below.

(And to assuage any concerns, please don't read this as us losing interest in covering games. We love covering games and will continue to do so as much and aggressively as we can—just as always. We're asking about expansion, not replacement.)


Thanks in advance for your feedback.