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Ah, yes. Magibon. If you've been on YouTube, you've probably seen her blank, smiling face speaking elementary Japanese. Her vids have gotten millions of views and she's even achieved some sort of online celebrity.


PingMag's Jean Snow (who contributed to Arcade Mania) interviewed 22 year-old Magibon about making it big on YouTube. The gaming connection?

During the interview, Jean talked to Magibon about her DS playing. Here's the exchange:

- I've noticed that in some videos you're playing with a Ninendo DS.
Are you a big gamer?

Not a big gamer, but I'm a little gamer. (laughs) I game a little bit.

- Do you only play games on the DS?

Mostly just on Nintendo platforms. I don't have a Wii yet, but I have an original NES, and a Nintendo 64, and a Gamecube, and a DS.

- So you're a real Nintendo girl.

Yeah, I've never had any other [system]. I like the cute happy cartoon Mario, stuff like that.

- What are your favorite games?

I really like Mario games. And Zelda games, I love Zelda games.

- What have you been playing recently on your DS?

Recently on my DS I got a game that helps you learn Japanese, and I haven't been doing anything but that on my DS.

- It it working?

The good thing about it is that there's the touch screen on the DS, and the stylus, so it's helpful in learning to write Japanese. I've had a lot of books and computer software to try and learn Japanese, but nothing can really help you learn to write.

- What's it called?

It's called My Japanese Coach.

There you go, My Japanese Coach has the Magibon Seal of Approval — err, the Magibon Blank Stare of Approval.


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