What Does The Future Hold For Pac-Man?

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Something big, potentially, is brewing for Pac-Man who celebrates his 30th birthday this year. Namco Bandai is holding an event next month, timed with the E3 video game expo, with a surprising guest in attendance.


That would be Avi Arad, formerly the CEO of Marvel Studios and producer of the comic book company's films, including X-Men, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, among... well, among every other Marvel Comics-based movie from the past decade. Arad will be attending a June 15 event in Los Angeles where Namco will let us "witness the future vision" of Pac-Man.

Arad will will be there to offer "insight into the worldwide premiere of his newest Pac-Man project." With Arad firmly believing that Hollywood can do for video games what it did for comic books, we'll definitely be interested in hearing what the producer has to say.

Namco Bandai also says that we'll get hands-on time with "unreleased titles on console, mobile, arcade, and more," presumably including the recently unveiled Pac-Man Battle Royale.


As long as something like this doesn't happen, I'll be fine.