Teasing tomorrow's release of the official Hitman: Absolution E3 trailer, Square Enix teases us with an image depicting eight ladies dress in vinyl nun costumes wielding a wide variety of powerful firearms. Could Hitman: Absolution feature the world's first nun-based online multiplayer? God I hope so.

Some sort of multiplayer reveal is what's expected, but really there could be any number of explanation as to why Square Enix is rolling out nuns in high heels so late in the game. Perhaps it's a new co-op mode aimed as emasculating make players as effectively as possible. Maybe they just had some extra nun costumes sitting around. Just because I can't think of any more possibilities doesn't mean they aren't there.

In case there was any doubt over the nunliness of these ladies, the UK's Metro ran this image earlier today:


Definitely nuns. Well, definitely women dressed as nuns. It looks like a scene straight out of Atlanta's local goth clubs circa 1995, only with slightly more assault rifle.

The full reveal will come tomorrow. For now we wait, trying our best not to look up 'fetish nun' in Google images with Safe Search turned off.