Screw focus groups. Or corporate brainstorming. Shigeru Miyamoto gets many of his game ideas from real life.

Take The Legend of Zelda, which was inspired by Miyamoto's childhood spent playing outside, or Pikmin, which was inspired by gardening, or Nintendogs, which was inspired by his experience owning a pet. Super Mario Galaxy? A hamster.

Miyamoto was trying to get his head around how to do Galaxy's battles in 3D environments, and he was able to resolve the issue thanks to the hamster in his house, the game creator revealed at a recent symposium. In order to make the game easy to play, Miyamoto decided to use the planet's gravity so that the player can come back to the same place and thus would not get lost — much like a hamster running on a wheel or in a plastic ball.

At the same conference, the famed designer, who created Super Mario Bros, admitted that he did not draw the character's nemesis. "A new employee drew Bowser for us," Miyamoto revealed, "but I drew Mario myself." Every knows that he designed Mario and drew the character himself, but I hadn't heard that he did not draw Bowser.


Some days you learn something new. Today it was about Shigeru Miyamoto and Bowser.

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