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We here at Kotaku Tower have spent the better part of two months reviewing games, triple-A titles, triple-F titles and everything in between, but there's only so many games we can review given our review policies and the number of writers we have.


I know there are plenty of titles we missed out on, either because we just didn't get to them in time, or because we had too many other games to deal with. So here's your chance to rectify that.


Tell us what YOU want us to review and we'll get to it, but skippy.

Here's the rules, it has to be a game that came out this year... and that's about it. It can be on the PC, Mac, cellphone, iPhone, DS, PSP, a console, you name it, if we can find it, we'll send it through the slaughter house that is our reviewing process.

To make this a bit easier for us, and for you, the best way to do this is to comment here with your game of choice, and then the games with the most comments responding to that game will be the ones we start reviewing.

Hurry up, because the year's almost over and we've got lots to do still, like this year's Gift Guide of Obscene Nicety and Sublime Naughtyness, our annual GOTYs and plenty of slacking off.


Don't forget to check our existing reviews first to make sure we haven't already reviewed your selection.


REMINDER: Stay on topic or risk getting banned. If you want to discuss our review system go here. Otherwise stick to suggesting games to review.

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