What Do You Think Of Kinect?

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Question: With Kinect out and in people's homese, what do you think of it?




Why isn't this, "What Do You Think of Move?" If it were, here's the review I wrote for the PS3 Move (not hugely positive, either):

Fun, with flaws ... November 14, 2010

Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: PlayStation Move Starter Bundle (Video Game)

THE INCLUDED GAME: This isn't my favorite motion-control game ever (that honor would probably go to Metroid Prime 3 or either of the Super Mario Galaxy titles), but it is hands down my favorite casual motion-control title. It is stunningly accurate. I've heard some complaints about table tennis. Table tennis is hands down my favorite sport in this game. As a semi-professional table tennis player, trust me — it works accurately.

Archery is also a blast. As is, strangely enough, Bocce — a game I never had much fun with in real life. Another winner is the gladiator duel section of the game. This is the closest motion control has gotten to the 1:1 "lightsaber" or "Lord of the Rings" moment so many have wanted since the Wii was first announced as the "Revolution."

The game isn't perfect. Using two controllers almost seems to be a marketing gimmick to get you to buy a second controller, even if you don't need one. Archery and gladiator work MUCH better with only one Move controller. Archery is twice as hard with two controllers.

Complaints and quibbles aside, this really is a fine game. It's pretty much what we were promised by Nintendo with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. While fun, those games felt lacking. Sports Champions really is the perfect motion-control sport game. It just took it 5 years to finally arrive.

THE CONTROLLER: It works fine for what it does and it's far more accurate than even the Wii Motion Plus, but $50.00 per Move wand is an outrageous price to ask. Especially when the batteries run dry in less than 5 hours and take a good 6 or 7 hours to recharge. This is VERY annoying. I thought my first controller was broken, but the second Move controller I bought was charged for the same length of time and took just as long to recharge.

The other problem with the Move controller is you need a LARGE living/gaming room. It's not as bad as the Kinect (to own a Kinect and properly use it, you must reside in a castle), which needs AT LEAST 15 feet for 2 players, but the Move needs a MINIMUM of 8 feet to work properly. If the space between your furniture and your television isn't at least 8 feet, you're spending money on something that will not work properly, if at all.

THE PS3 EYE: Unless you're in a VERY well-lit room with LOTS of natural front-lighting (in other words, you only play during the day), your image will be grainy and full of colored splotches. This affects the game, because you are able to take photos "holding" a virtual bow, paddle, sword, etc. and, all the photos I've taken, have shown a barely visible grainy version of me holding the item. This makes them unusable (you're allowed to upload them to Facebook). Sony really needed to get this right prior to release.

NAVIGATIONAL CONTROLLER: This was originally titled the "sub-controller" and that was much more fitting. Sony is somehow getting away with charging $30 for half a dual-shock. Only, it's not really half a dual-shock as it features NO RUMBLE. So, you're getting half a six-axis, right? NO. There is NO motion control feature included for your $30. This, to me, is the most disgusting thing about the Move setup, especially considering you REALLY DO need the navigational controller for games like RE5 and Heavy Rain. I guarantee Sony will add rumble to the navigational controller within the next 6 months. So, if you're not a hardcore gamer, I'd wait.

OVERALL: I've spent a LOT of time with both the Move and Kinect. If you want ONLY the most CASUAL as CASUAL can be, the Kinect is your toy. It certainly has the more impressive technology. But, if you actually game because YOU enjoy GAMING, the MOVE is the motion-control item for you. Owning the Kinect, Move and the Wii, I feel safe saying the Move is the most accurate of the motion control controllers and also the happy medium between casual and hardcore games. I'm not as impressed I thought I would be, and I wouldn't recommend a $180 purchase — but if you don't own ANY motion control, the Move is the one I'd invest in.

I hope this helps.