What Do You Know, Games Really Do Look Better On The iPhone 5

It sure seemed to make sense that the iPhone 5 would be better for games, given that it has a larger screen. But all the same, I didn't really care—I was more interested in playing with my friends than I was in upgraded tech.


Imagine my surprise, then, when I booted up my new phone today and found that it really is a heck of an upgrade for games. I played a few games that have yet to receive an iPhone 5 update (though I'm sure they all will soon). At the moment, those games play letterboxed. I grabbed some screenshots to demonstrate the differences.

The un-upgraded games look like this:


(What, shut up, I was focusing on getting a Canabalt screengrab.)

After that, I played Lili, a new adventure game that has an iPhone 5-ready version that runs at the full size. It looks like this:


Big difference. That's not to say that mobile gamers playing on an iPhone 4s or earlier will know what they're missing, but once you see the games running with those letterbox edges, it's hard to deny that the bigger screen makes the games look much better.

Now, if only that bigger screen made my wireless bill cheaper...

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