To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: Quakecon Cometh

Okay! I'm not good with names. I forget them pretty quickly and even when I am being introduced to people (and my brain is saying, "Remember this person's name!), I forget. :(


I never forget a face, though. Never.

There is this dude that lives near me. I know his kids' names. I know his wife's name. I have talked to him a buncha times. He's a professor at Osaka University — really nice dude. I see him maybe like once or twice every two months in passing in the neighborhood. But, I have forgotten his first name and his last name.

So, I typically refer to him as the kid's father, but sometimes, it would be helpful to know either his last name or his first name. Not sure how to tell him that after a year I still don't know his name!

Any advice would be appreciated. I promise I'll remember your name. Or your face. Something!


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