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What Did You Think Of Last Night's Game of Thrones?

Illustration for article titled What Did You Think Of Last Nights emGame of Thrones/em?

The man himself, George R.R. Martin, wrote last night's table-setting episode of Game of Thrones. What'd you think?


We checked in with almost every character, though the episode didn't feel as rushed as some of the stuff in the early goings did. Most likely that's because each story has worked up a decent head of steam, so the scenes we did get to see were each satisfying. I particularly liked the pair of throne-approach moments, as Tywin made physical his easy ability to intimidate his grandson the King and Dany sat on her chair, every bit the unstoppable Mother of Dragons. Some gorgeous shots in this episode, as well, including the one up top, of the wrecked ships outside of King's Landing.

I do have to say, though maybe I'm in the minority, that I was a little unsatisfied with Brienne and Jaime's fight against the bear. As is usually the case on Game of Thrones, the actual action was less exciting than the subtext, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting. Though as Luke pointed out, considering their TV budget, they did okay with the bear fight.


A solid, functional episode that set up the run to the season finale. As always, for a more in-depth look at the episode, check out Charlie Jane's recap over at io9. What did the rest of you think? Feel free to talk games, thrones, or anything else, here or over at TAY.

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Going to re-post from the big discussion on io9 now that I've learned a few things. Apparently Theon is not present in the novels for a few books, so he shows up in book 5 (after disappearing in book 2 or 3) and we get to see how much he's changed due to his torture.

However, in the show I wish they would stop showing his torture after last night's episode. It almost seems like a drag now, just filler - no advancement. Other commenters note that if they didn't show his torture, we would wonder what's happened to him. However, I would prefer that we see him a few years later after a prolonged absence so we can see the drastic change in his character. Akin to watching a pot boil. You may notice it gradually changing, but it will what seems forever to you to boil. But if you leave, and comeback after a while, the difference will be more noticeable.…

  • Also, does anyone have a gif of Joffrey's face as Tywin steps up and hands his ass to him?