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Here's a dispiriting way to look at it: As of last night, we're a fifth of the way done with season 3 of Game of Thrones.

How's everyone feeling after last night's episode? I have to say, while I'm enjoying it, they haven't exactly assuaged my fear that this show is simply going to sprawl out of control. It felt like they needed two full episodes just to set the table for the new season. Now that we've said hi to everyone, are they really going to be able to develop so many threads with only eight more episodes?


That said, I'm certainly still enjoying the show. Oddly, some of my favorite scenes are the ones that deviate from the books. I particularly liked the scene where Margaery began to work on Joffrey (is there anything more quintessentially "Game of Thrones" than a conversation about crossbows and anal sex?), as well as the scene where Cat recalled wishing for Jon to get sick, wishing him better, then remaining unable to forgive him. It almost felt like a deleted scene from the book, which given the book's ponderous length, is a sort of funny concept.

What did you guys think of episode 2? Do you think they'll be able to find a momentum, or will it continue to feel scattered? If it does, is that okay? Have at it in the comments, and feel free to head over to Talk Amongst Yourselves, too.


(And remember, please tag spoilers with plenty of space.)

Have good chatting, see you tomorrow.

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