Normally, we check in with the Kotaku readership on Fridays to see what's on the gaming menu for the weekend. Sometimes, we forget. Let's remedy that with a very (not really) special episode of What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Me? I tried my hand at Civilization for the very first time, downloading Civilization IV via Steam and venturing into the intimidating space of explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Guess who also learned the designation "4X" this weekend? Me!

It's all part of a plan to better educate myself about the games I've never played, a long list that includes oversights like Starfox, Yoshi's Island and SimCity.

Throughout the rest of the week, I'll be playing a little BioShock 2, Metroid: Other M and, maybe, some Civilization IV. Now that you've had the weekend to game, tell us, what did you play this weekend?