What Did Luigi Whisper To The President Of Nintendo?

Today Nintendo President and adorable spokesperson Satoru Iwata delivered one of the company's Nintendo Direct videos. For a good portion of the time he was standing next to a giant, costumed Luigi. Sometimes, he stood next to many Luigis.


Fun fact: A group of several Luigis is known as a 'Miracle'. Also, the correct plural of Luigi is Luigitopodes.

At one point, Luigi leaned in to whisper a secret to Iwata.

Because I like making exploitable templates, I made the above GIF. Then I imagined some other things he could be whispering to Iwata.


Jason suggested the following:


I'm really sorry, guys, but it had to be done:


This one is Owen's fault. I'm blaming Owen for this one. How childish of you, Owen:


That's all I got. Using the blank template above to work from, show us what secrets Luigi should be telling Iwata. Leave them in the comments, or suggest one and I'll try to make it to the best of my ability.

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Greg the Mad

How about:

"I gotta wii..."

"... yay"

or simply: "I'm naked under this"

... did you know that Japanese people use women for such suits? Because they're slimmer and can fit them more easily. I believe Bash once wrote a article about that.