What Battlefield Might Look Like With Google Glasses

Google Glasses is somewhat of a creepy concept, but it can also mean a drastic change for gamers. Imagine playing the next Battlefield title like something of an ARG, where the playing field is the literal space you stand in.


Can't imagine it? That's fine, because YouTube user ThereIsaCanal has uploaded a video of what a future Battlefield might look like through the lens of the Google Glasses. It's also a fun parody of the original video uploaded by Google when the announcement was first made.

Battlefield 5 on Google Glasses (the Marine revenge) [YouTube via Reddit]


Ok, ive thought about this alot:

What i imagine for this to work is that you wouldnt be able to do it like this, fighting with randomers across the net. What youd have to do is have designated areas for AR games, private companies could do it, or areas could simply be set aside for the activity. Before the game starts, youd have to agree on a game type and spawn points:

Lets take BF's Rush mode; before the game starts, 2 elected players from both teams decide on the progressive spawn locations and the Target locations (GPRS tags?). Once they have both decided on that the game will start on some sort of external server that players in the vicinity can connect to. Guns could simply look like bits of plastic, but through the glasses they would take the shape of whichever gun youd chosen to use (bluetooth connection to glasses?). Capturing/destroying the objectives is simply a matter of having players in a location for x amount of time, that seems pretty simple. Getting shot and killed would have to require a more willing suspension of disbelief; rather than acting out being shot youd simply be unable to continue playing until youve returned to the spawn point for x amount of time (medic classes could potentially be able to 'revive' players simply by making contact with them or being in close proximity for x amount of time). Grenades and throwables could be managed by some sort of device with a speedometer in it, motioning throwing the grenade/c4/throwing knife would lob a virtual one in accordance with the speed and angle you motioned with the device (for C4 type stuff, it could also double as a trigger).

So far, out of the many possible things that could be wrong with this idea, the seemingly excessive cost of the equipment and the extremely high potential for its damage during play is my main concern.

Not to mention the kind of rage quits you might get over 'lag' or 'hacks'. Having played paintball alot and seen that kind of unsportsman like behaviour even when the evidence for you sucking is plastered all over your face and clothes, it could lead to some nasty disputes.