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There’s a lot of reasons to love the Nintendo 3DS, but StreetPass will always hold a special place in my heart. This function allows you to swap Miis with other 3DS users who pass you by, and then use them in cute minigames. The anticipation of new passes made a lot of things more tolerable for me, especially one of my boring part time jobs.


My first job out of college was as a cashier in the cafe for a museum. It wasn’t the most thrilling or interesting job, but it netted me beer money and my coworkers were pretty nice. Still, every day was a struggle against becoming so bored I fell asleep at the register. After about a month I earned enough money to finally buy a 3DS, and I found that StreetPass made it easier to stay awake.

Obviously I couldn’t play games at work, but during my hour long bus ride home I’d sort through the passes I’d made that day. I stashed my bag in the cubby hole beneath the register, so everyone who bought a soda or an overpriced salad had the potential to be one of the passes helping me through Find Mii or giving me puzzle pieces. I started to really pay attention to guests—which one of the kids on a field trip was playing Bravely Default? Who was the lady playing Style Savvy?


I got hundreds of passes this way. I’ve got a pass from almost all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. I have passes from Germany, the UK, the Bahamas, and a few from Japan. It was really cool to see just how many people from all over the world visited this museum—and so many of those art lovers also loved games.

As I looked back on the passes from my cashier job today, I started to notice some trends. Mom types in the Great Lakes region seem to like Animal Crossing. The museum I worked at was near an art school, and I’ve got a couple dour Miis dressed in all black from people playing VVVVVV at the time. The girl I talked to wearing a Homestuck t-shirt was definitely playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. Surprising absolutely no one, all people, in all countries, of all genders and races love Pokémon.

Where have you gotten interesting StreetPasses, gentle readers? Any other secret goldmines of people playing the 3DS to StreetPass with? And which one of you made the disturbingly realistic Saddam Hussein Mii that I passed with three years ago?

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