Who else will be curling up with a copy of Bulletstorm and foulmouthedly booting and shooting space thugs into oblivion? I know I will, trying to figure out what a "dick tit" is, while also enjoying some time with Tactics Ogre.

Playing Gears of War 3 this week didn't quite scratch the "shoot a bunch of muscle-bound sci-fi dudes" itch and since I don't have a copy of Killzone 3 yet, my first-person shooting needs will have to be met with this still unopened copy of Bulletstorm.

Beyond that, I'll spend some time with 100 Rogues for the iPhone—which I'd recommend if you're a roguelike liker—and Dead Space 2 in anticipation of the upcoming Severed expansion.

What about you? Got some dude-shooting planned for this weekend?