I'm cleaning my Maverick M4A1, equipping my kevlar vest and helmet, maybe picking up an HE grenade and flashbang, and getting back into some Counter-Strike this weekend, a chance to revisit just how terrible I am at this game.

Well, I'd say I'm more average than terrible, but when you're playing against grizzled, teenaged Counter-Strike: Source vets, so-so doesn't cut it. Look for me near the bottom of the rankings on Steam this weekend. I've also got loads of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor to play, so expect me to be fresh out of ammo by Monday.

How about yourself? Will you be headshotting me in CS:S this weekend, mocking me for my one button Mac mouse? Any new purchases or old purchases you'll be inserting into a disc drive or cartridge slot this weekend? Share it with the group!