This weekend, I'm taking to the skies with a little After Burner Climax, a series I haven't really played since my late 80s obsession with After Burner II, and going underground with some Left 4 Dead 2.

I had a brief obsession with After Burner II in the late '80s, when I spent many a school night hanging out at the mall, pumping quarters into the Sega arcade classic. The Sega Genesis port of that game didn't live up to the original, but I still played the hell out of that port as well. When G-LOC: Air Battle came out, it failed to renew my interest in Yu Suzuki-style air battles. But Climax looks like the fast-paced After Burner thrill I've been craving.

After some high intensity dog fighting, I'll switch to zombie killing, digging every ounce of enjoyment out of Left 4 Dead 2's latest expansion, The Passing.

What about you? What are you playing this weekend?