What Are You Playing This Weekend?

After getting through much of my obligation gaming for the week, I'll finally get a chance to crack open that still-sealed copy of Mass Effect 2 and try my hand at some intergalactic adventure and interspecies mating.

If a copy of Aliens Vs. Predator somehow bursts forth upon my doorstep in the next few hours—unlikely, it seems—I'll be playing that as well. Hell, I may just trot on down to my local reliable streetbreaker and grab a copy there, further increasing the xenomorph body count this weekend. Either way, there's going to be some alien on the business end of a rifle at my house.


Oh, and I'll probably play some Demon's Souls, take down that pesky Tower Knight again. Like I really need another Tower Shield at this point, though...

Anyway! What about you? In what video game world will you lose yourself this weekend?

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