What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Don't tell Crecente, because I'm supposed to have a Gran Turismo PSP review readied for Monday, but it's more Phantasy Star Portable I'm looking forward to playing this weekend.


Sure, Gran Turismo PSP is a fine game, as portable driving sims go, but after coveting the playable Phantasy Star Portable 2 at Tokyo Game Show, a return to the original PlayStation Portable outing is something I have a hankering for. Honestly, Gran Turismo is work. Phantasy Star is for fun. And weekends were made for fun, right?

I'll have some Demon's Souls to play (again, for a review) but really wish my Xbox 360 disc drive was working. That Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection is taunting me with its accurate Medieval Madness recreation.


What about you, dear commenter? What's new and being played on your console, PC or handheld this weekend?

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combat arms, might replay brutal legend demo, and i'll be finishing a couple of eroges/bishoujo games i have pending in my query to make the reviews.

O yeah, i forgot to mention, i'll be opening soon a blog where i review every eroge, bishoujo game i can find, i'll get you in touch whenever i have it ready to open it

I'd be playing spyborgs and dead space extraction, but my local retailer hasn't got any shipments of the games, and my wii refuses to install cios249, so i cant use any kind of piracy.

also holding on Valhalla Knights eldar saga and ninja gaiden sigma 2, neither of those had been shipped over.

Dam, i just noticed gameplanet is pretty biased, they give priority to 360 -_-