Don't tell Crecente, because I'm supposed to have a Gran Turismo PSP review readied for Monday, but it's more Phantasy Star Portable I'm looking forward to playing this weekend.

Sure, Gran Turismo PSP is a fine game, as portable driving sims go, but after coveting the playable Phantasy Star Portable 2 at Tokyo Game Show, a return to the original PlayStation Portable outing is something I have a hankering for. Honestly, Gran Turismo is work. Phantasy Star is for fun. And weekends were made for fun, right?

I'll have some Demon's Souls to play (again, for a review) but really wish my Xbox 360 disc drive was working. That Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection is taunting me with its accurate Medieval Madness recreation.

What about you, dear commenter? What's new and being played on your console, PC or handheld this weekend?